July 8th 2:20

  1. Brinkman/Brinkman vs Lewis/Leach 

  2. Condon/Wierson vs Rosenbrook/Jensen

  3. Dejong/Schuller vs Olson/Eggink

  4. Holm/Hanson vs Wacker/Edlin

  5. Asa/Gallagher vs Wachal/Bahr

  6. Bargfrede/Wenzel vs Brooks/Spence

  7. Mitchell/Mitchell vs Nelson/Sieler

  8. Leach/Lind vs Fink/Reed

  9. Hagen/Storm vs Wachal/Sadusky

  10. Bye Chozen/Rubis

July 8th 4:30

Krumwiede/Voehl vs Hash/Pohlman

Olson/Osterberg vs Markman/Curry

Finck/Nelson vs Ella/Schmidt

Phibbs/Christopher vs Wachal/Reed

Hagen/Anderson vs Steffensen/Pell

Spence/Andre vs Boogerd/Hanson

Bloomgren/Kruppiak vs Sauter/Pigman

Weinrebe/Nugent vs Hample/Olson

Brooks/Olson vs Johnson/Daugherty

 Anderson/Dunlavey v Powers/Thul

July 8th  Noon 

Hole 2.      Hagen/Gallagher vs Bargfrede/Schmidt

Hole 3.      Bargfrede/Sieler vs Schuller/Naumann

Hole 4.      Hample/Vee vs Asa/Nelson

Hole 5.      Rosenbrook/Jensen vs Brooks/Lewis

Hole 6.      Olson/Leach vs Mitchell/Mitchell

Hole 7.      Condon/Chozen vs Schuller/Sadusky

Hole 8.      Wachal/Storm vs Wacker/Edlin

Hole 9.      Holm/Wierson vs Wachal Bahr

Bye Hanson/Fink

Jackson Golf Club is regarded as one of the nicest 9 hole courses in southwest Minnesota, serving the Jackson community, Jackson County, southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa. Open to the public, the course facilities are also available for graduation parties, weddings and other events. Stop in today to inquire about memberships, leagues, tournaments, rental facilities and more

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